Trends that Celebrate Timber

A timber floor transforms a house into a home uniquely for your style and taste from classic favourites destined for heritage homes, to bright and exciting alternatives ideal for light, open-plan living.

When it comes to home decoration and interior design, timber is a very versatile material that comes in a diverse variety and will work in almost any kind of style you wish to achieve.

Let’s take a look at some trends that almost, every time, meet and exceed expectations for the use of timber:


Taking inspiration from old factories and almost abandoned warehouses that have been converted into studios and loft-style apartments, this look centres itself around raw materials such as concrete, steel, brick and timber. More recent adaptations have seen softer, organic materials used in this style, along with pops of colour to add some life into rural environments, but this is such a brilliant contrast to the ‘harsher’ elements.

Industrial is beautiful if you are looking for a style that’s minimalistic, edgy and still timeless. It’s equally stunning when carried out through the entire home, or just bits here and there as a feature.


Taking inspiration from the beautiful seaside homes, the Hamptons style is bright and light with an elegant, beachy vibe. It’s a look that has translated well to Australian interior design because the natural textures, linen textiles and oceanic palette work so well all across the world along the seashore.

The classic Hamptons style advocates a clean and crisp colour scheme including whites and cream, with timber elements that provide warmth and sophistication in contrast. Timber floors are a very popular feature in this trend that can be used inside and out.

Mid-Century Modern:

Perhaps one of the most prominent mid-century modern materials is timber, and for many that includes the walls and ceilings to be timber paneling as well.

This timeless and sleek look was incredibly popular during the 1950s and 1960s, and never really lost its momentum as it’s still an interior trend today.

Natural materials and sculptural forms are a key, making this style compatible in almost any modern home. The concepts of open-plan living and indoor-outdoor flow, which were relatively new at the time, are now fundamental to the way we design our homes today.


Also known as farmhouse style, the country trend encompasses elements from rustic and vintage interior design styles, to create a unique, authentic look.

This style of homes oftentimes take inspiration from their bushland and open surroundings, having natural textiles and materials and muted tones as a prominent choice. Practicality and longevity is key, which makes timber an ideal inclusion thanks to its strong, durable nature.

This trend doesn’t differ dramatically from modern designs and therefore can easily be implemented in your home.