The Future of Hybrid Timber flooring

Picking your next flooring couldn’t be easier

Hybrid flooring is an innovative new flooring option that is composed of multiple blends of materials. Some of these mixed materials are usually some combinations of plastic, limestone, vinyl and laminate and/or timber. These are pressed tightly together into multiple layers.

These layers are in four parts:

  1. Wear Layer– a UV coated layer to provide durability and resiliency which make it wear/scratch resistant
  2. Design layer– a decorative layer designed to match the realistic textures and styles of authentic timber
  3. Rigid Core Layer– featuring a limestone composite core board that is designed to be waterproof and stable against extreme temperature changes and warping
  4. Pre-adhered layer/backing– this delivers exceptional acoustics and comfortability underfoot- this also serves to decrease installation costs!

Hybrid timber flooring is durable, waterproof, affordable and fashionable, setting it among the best flooring options and potentially even surpassing traditional timber! Even with under the floor heating or in fluctuating temperatures, the boards expand and contract minimally. This means no lifting, cracking or buckling of your flooring as the temperature changes.